About me

DSC00384I write every day about one thing or another, mostly about the elderly, their care and its funding, and about dementia, which stole my mum from her family in a drawn-out 10-year raid.   My articles regularly appear in national newspapers and magazines.

When inspiration strikes, I tap out short stories, I tweet and now, of course, I blog. Bert, of @DownDogBert Twitter fame, chivvies me from my desk at least once a day and tugs me onto the common where he immediately disowns me (and I him).

I have a long-suffering husband who puts up with my rants – about feminism, post feminism, post modernism, the funding and foibles of the NHS, BT, IT, acronyms and grammatical mistakes – and displays remarkable tolerance for my growing eccentricities.  Whereas, funnily enough, my teenage daughter does not.



@DownDogBert on his first birthday, enjoying his card