Well I know now…

“Well I know now,” wrote the poet Sylvia Plath, “a little more about how a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person”.  

Pippa Kelly

"Storytelling with Pippa. Wow!"

"I absolutely loved the story telling work - it’s helped me focus on my purpose for my change challenge."

"Story telling was the most impactful and conveyed in a way that felt manageable to take away and apply."

Feedback from my Power of Storytelling sessions for NHS and Social Care leaders.

"Inspirational, compassionate, thought-provoking – feedback from Pippa Kelly’s conference speech was outstanding."

Carers Oxfordshire

“One of the foremost writers of the day on the elderly, social care and health, particularly dementia, it is with good reason that Pippa Kelly has been awarded top honours in this field."

Sue Saville, former Medical Correspondent, ITV News


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